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Boja za ceste
Barva za ceste - posebna barve za cestišča, označevanje cestišč, igrišč, prehodov za pešce in parkirnih prostorov

STREET PAINT designed in white and yellow. It is used for street marking, for parking lots…It is applied by spattering. It has a good adhesive strength on asphalt, stone and concrete. The painted surface has a good light reflection. The applied paint dries quickly. After 25 minutes it is possible to drive without damaging the street. It excels in flexibility, in resistance from weather influence, water, and light, ageing and wearing out. Traffic safety is possible for at least 12 months. The paint can be used very successfully for marking playgrounds, for painting façades and sanitation of walls on very exposed places.

Specijalne boje
- 1 kg
- 1.3 kg
- 3 kg
- 5 kg
- 25 kg
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