About us

CHEMCOLOR SEVNICA D.O.O. is a private enterprise, whose philosophy is quality, competition and speed.



Our management policy is based on the development of new products and the search for market niches. The marketing strategy will continue to focus on the inter-organizational market and, to a lesser extent, the consumer market.

Therefore, we operate in our company in terms of the following definitions:

Quickly - thanks to our small size and flexibility, one of our marketing advantages is a very quick response to the wishes and demands of our customers.

Competitive - in the company we avoid unnecessary costs by optimizing all work processes, thus trying to ensure our competitiveness.

Quality - all the optimizations that we accept are made in terms of improvement and maintaining the quality level.

We always want to offer something more in our business. Therefore, we are continually looking for additional solutions to meet the increasing needs of our customers. In addition to the aforementioned, we also help our clients with technical and expert advice in the selection of materials and applications.

In addition to the usual business conditions, we take into account legislation and other environmental requirements as well as legislation defining chemical manipulation (REACH, ADR, GHS, environmental permit). With our way of working we prevent pollution. Intermediate waste materials are recycled and consumed in the further process, we have almost 100% efficiency, so the wider environment is almost unaffected by our production technology. Any potential hazardous waste to the environment is transferred to authorized services. In the company, of course waste is generated, which, however, is not recognized as hazardous, but is useful for recycling processes.

With the development of new technologies and products in the company, we pay great attention to the optimization (reduction) of the introduction of harmful substances, make the products more durable, the environment and less harmful for human health. We are also committed to continual improvement in the field of pollution prevention.

We put a lot of effort into good relations between neighbours, we cooperate and support various societies in social events (local events, firefighters, schools, dances, etc…)

An appropriate attitude towards clients can only be achieved through good interpersonal relationships, which is also indicated by the fact that any problems are immediately reported to the management.

We focus on customers in order to consistently meet their requirements. We are also committed to continuously improve the efficiency of the management system.


We began with the chemical production in the year 1980, but with the cooperation of the trade cooperative BOHOR Sevnica. At that time, in former Yugoslavia private enterprises could not buy reproduction materials without entrance tax, on the other hand the cooperatives were allowed to.With BOHOR we cooperated up to year 1993. Afterwards we created our own enterprise -CHEMCOLOR SEVNICA D.O.O. 

The first products in 1980 were fat solvents for cleaning of car engines. On 1st June we began with a new production – LESOTON paint coating for wood.With LESOTON we supplied the wood industry in Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia. We invested into further development and spread the manufacture program. Our products – all types of wood paint coatings, anticorrosive coatings, top enamels for agriculture mechanization and domestic use, coatings for corrugated asbestos cement sheets – were sold very well on the former Yugoslav market up to the fall of the country. 

The new market, which was developed our new independent country, was for us a large challenge. 

The enterprise could not bear the certain costs the production and marketing, therefore we kept to principle: » Together we are stronger. « We included many experts, chemists and market researchers. In this way we could extend our production selling program on as a small market as Slovenia. Today there are 100 products in our sales; from these we have 60 own products. Our markets now are in Slovenia, in the areas of former Yugoslavia and in Eastern Europe.



Chemcolor Sevnica d.o.o.    

Dolnje Brezovo 35

8283 Blanca, SI-Slovenia

T: 00 386 (0)7 81 63 550

F: 00 386 (0)7 81 63 564

I: www.chemcolor.si

E: kontakt@chemcolor.si


  • Production of coatings, lacquers and chemicals

  • Production of pigment pastes for solvent based coatings, transparent wood protection and plastics (liquid polymerization)

  • Cooperation with ICA lacquers and leach agents for furniture production

  • Cooperation with MCU COATINGS INTERNATIONAL in the area of ex-Yugoslavia

  • Cooperation with CPG Tremco - Nullifire fire retardant paints in the area of ex-Yugoslavia

  • Cooperation with PROTECTOSIL - EVONIK in the area of ex-Yugoslavia


  • cca 12.000 m2 of land

  • cca 3.000 m2 covered working area

  • 9 dissolvers

  • 16 micromills

  • 2 underground tanks

  • equipment for automatic filling

  • computer mixing systems

  • 3 photo-spectrometers Datacolor, gas chromatography, Karl Fisher, Brookfield, salt and QUVA chamber and other equipment for quality control of raw materials and end products

  • own program for automatic tinting according to different color cards - RAL, NCS,... 


  • 23 employees in production and management, 6 contractors

  • Education structure is proper to the company needs:

    • PhD of Chemical engineering

    • PhD of Bio science

    • Three university degree Chemical Engineers

    • Environmental Engineer

    • Bachelor of Economics


  • ISO 9001:2015

  • ISO 14001:2015

Contact info

Dolnje Brezovo 35
8283 Blanca
SI - Slovenia

T: +386 (0)7/81 63 550
F: +386 (0)7/81 63 564

DDV ID: SI24218359
Registration number: 5309115000

Web: www.chemcolor.si
E-mail: kontakt@chemcolor.si »

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