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The concrete or cement surface must be clean, without any particles of dust. Grease and oil stains must be removed from the surface. In the package there is also enclosed a detergent for use on concrete in the form of a powder. Dissolve it in 8 litres of water and mix it well. For easy application of the detergent onto the surface, you can use a watering can. Dampen the surface slightly with water – remove the remaining water with a sponge or a cloth. Apply the detergent mixture over a 50 x 50cm surface. Rub it hard with a stiff brush, to remove the dust and the dirt. After brushing, wash the surface thoroughly using an absorbent sponge to remove the dirt from the surface. Repeat this procedure twice before you move to the next surface. Finally the entire garage floor has to be washed and cleaned with clean water, so that the cleaner is entirely removed. You can also use a water vacuum cleaner. Test to see how clean the surface is by touching it with your fingertips, if they appear to be still dirty, repeat the cleaning operation again.

Warning: If the floors are not thoroughly cleaned and washed, the adhesion of the paint will not be good. Good surface preparation is of crucial importance for an excellent end result.


Mixing ratio: C-Guard® Part A: C-Guard® Part B = 5 : 1 (by weight), usability of the mixture at 20° C is 2 hours. Mix C-Guard® A thoroughly (homogenise) before you add C-Guard® B. The mixture must be mixed for at least 3 minutes. Before applying (after mixing) wait for an adequate time (according to the temperature – check the table) and mix once again. In case of using more than one package, do not mix larger amounts at the same time. You only need to apply it once.

Warning: The mixture must be used within the maximum pot life. The end of pot life will be indicated by a visible increase of paint viscosity. Do not dilute the paint, because it is not useable after the open time has expired. Do not mix decorative flakes with the paint.


You can paint the lower part of the wall as a border with a synthetic brush. With the enclosed roller apply the C-Guard® in 1m wide bands, so that you can easily and evenly spread the decorative flakes (if you wish) on the freshly painted (wet) surface. The new area must be painted before the previously painted area is dry, so that the new area blends well with the previous area and the join is not visible. In order to make a highly durable film over colour flakes you can apply a colourless epoxy 2K coating C-Guard® CL.

Drying time: The surface can be walked on 24 hours after application. Light loadings are possible 2-3 days after application, perfectly binding is after 7 days and then the surface is ready for maximum loading (such as parking the car). The temperature and the humidity influence the actual drying time.

Cleaning: Clean tools and equipment immediately after use with warm water and a mild detergent. Leave products which have not been used up, to harden in the packing and discard in compliance with local legislation.

Theoretical consumption: 200-300g/m2. Squeeze the roller hard in order to make a thin film layer. Every package contains enough paint to cover 20-25m2 of smooth, clean concrete (average garage for one car). Rough or porous concrete surfaces may need more material. Each package contains enough material to cover between 10 and 20m2 of such surfaces.

Air temperature (material):

Making borders with brush:

Applying with roller:

Open time:

15° C

20 min after mixing

30 min after mixing

3 hours

20° C

10 min after mixing

15 min after mixing

2 hours

25° C

right after mixing

10 min after mixing

1 hour