MCF - production hall Chemcolor 2007

About reference

Production of C-Guard MCF, vapor-permeable, non-slip, self-levelling flooring in the CHEMCOLOR production hall 

Substrate: The concrete is brittle, without waterproofing, tflooring is damaged in some places 


1. Grinding concrete - a diamond-sanded grinder 

2. Cutting cracks and "sewing" with metal rods, filling with EP 120 and fumed silica 

3. Priming of C-Guard EP 270 W + 20% water 

4. Self-leveling monolithic ceramic flooring C-Guard EP 385 W + 1-2% water 

5. C-Guard EP 272 WHT + 5% water - against hot tyre stains and non-slip surface. 

After 10 years of extreme loads, the pressure is still in excellent condition - no cracks and no major injuries.