Roof renovation

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Restoration and protection of roof, while at the same time consolidating the overall image.

The outer appearance of the building: new windows, facade and "roof".In the event that the roof is faded and still watertight, but it is not fargile and parts are peeling of and it is still fulfilling its purpose, it is reasonable to protect the roof, since it extensively extends its service life and at the same time beautifies the appearance of the entire building. The main enemy of concrete roofing is water. Moisture is a source of life for moss, lichens, fungi and algae, which damages the appearance and cause even greater water retention in concrete. Due to the increase in volume when water freezes to ice, this causes cracking of concrete and thus the collapse of the roof. By applying paint this prevents water absorption onto the surface and thus the growth of microorganisms and cracking of concrete.


1. washing the tiles with high pressure cleaner

2. Application of Betonkolor + 30% water - with Airless 

3. Application ofBetonkolor + 5% water - with Airless 

Time beetwen application 5 hours. Done in one day.