Pigmentne paste

Pascal SU

Universal solvent based pigment paste

Namen uporabe

PASCAL SU is a system of universal solvent based pigment pastes for tinting 1K and 2K systems. They can be used in high performance, non-aqueous, industrial and maintenance coatings.


  • Outstanding color characteristics
  • Very good storage stability
  • Suitable for POS and industry tinting
  • Amine-free colorants do not react with isocyanates, resin system contains no water or free amines.

Področje uporabe

  • It is compatible with several solvent-based systems: • Acrylics • Alkyds • Cellulosic lacquers • Chlorinated rubber • Epoxies • Polyesters • Polyurethanes • Stoving enamels • Other solvent-based systems

Pakiranje0,75, 4, 25, 120, 200 L